eSports Hero Good wind esports 2019

This is designed and created by retired special forces soldiers (good wind). The game is equipped with real rehearsal battle scenes, real weapon operating parameters, abandoning all shooting game mechanisms on the market, and creating professional e-sports game content. The game removes the quasi-center of traditional shooting games, and it relies on the actual training to estimate the shooting, and designs a real professional shooting training field for professional training. In the game, the amount of weapons and ammunition is controlled. In front of the limited ammunition, the e-sports players need to distribute ammunition to different weapons. In the completion of the game task, various weapons are needed to be used together, which greatly increases the realism and difficulty coefficient. The game also sets a global leaderboard, rewards the top 100 e-sports players on the list, can be redeemed for items in the mall, and will also display the country where the users are listed and the time to complete the game. Fight for honor, here we will make everyone's e-sports dreams.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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