Guns of Midnight Terminist Arcade 2019

Inspired by 1990s sidescrolling platform shooters, this is a brutally difficult, fast paced arcade experience that pits you against the clock, armed with only your wits and a big f---ing gun. Race to escape the city before the stroke of midnight, or face annihilation by nuclear fire. Compete with your steam friends and with players around the globe to see who can escape the fastest, score the highest, and secure your place on the leaderboards. Features: Hand-crafted pixel art aesthetic; Intense Synthwave soundtrack; One extremely challenging city to blast your way through; 10 minutes to escape; 5 different enemies to annihilate along the way; Collect upgrades to increase your firepower and stay alive; Race against the clock, competing with other players for the quickest time and the highest score; Explore the city for collectibles and secret areas, track your progress through in-game stats.
Download: None currently available

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