Diamonds Nicholas Causey / Causey Games 2019

Early Access Release This is a free to play 3rd person shooter. Sit back with a assault rifle or get up close and personal with the shotgun, Which ever your style don't forget you have lethal grenades. As you collect diamonds scattered around the map, You can take advantage of unlimited ammo as you engage in intriguing battles. When you defeat the enemy they leave behind their diamonds for you to collect. Use the diamonds to continue your journey unlocking maps and setting high scores. With 12 offline maps and 2 online multiplayer maps right now I believe it is solid representation of my vision and where i want to take the game. The AI provides a realistic and exiting enemy to defeat and the diamonds provides a engaging game play objective. Future updates will Improve online multiplayer, online and offline maps will be added and overall game play will improve.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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