Ravenfield: Multiplayer Mod 2016

The Ravenfield Multiplayer Project (RFMP) is a community created project with the sole intent of creating multiplayer support for Ravenfield. You can now battle against other players using teamwork and communication, in a fast-paced online multiplayer version of SteelRaven7's Ravenfield. Features: Intense large scale multiplayer mayhem; Infantry and vehicle support; Moderately realistic ballistics; Proximity VoIP; Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay; Large selection of weapons and gear. It goes without saying that Ravenfield had to undergo some mechanical changes when transiting to multiplayer. Key Changes: Wind and bullet penetration that affects projectiles; Various changes to weapons for the sake of balanced gameplay; Slower strafe and prone speeds; No workshop support; And of course, online PvP multiplayer.
Steam Download (uploaded by Steam)

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