Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Green Army Men Green Army Men Team, Antimatter Games, Tripwire Interactive 2019

This is made entirely by community developers and is now available here as one complete DLC. Please note that everyone who owns Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will also be able to play the base class (Rifleman) in Green Army Men for free - you don't need to own or download this Upgrade DLC to play. However, we strongly encourage you to purchase this Upgrade, as it will give you access to the remaining classes within Green Army Men - AND all the revenue generated from the sale of the DLC will be shared with the Green Army Men team to support their ongoing efforts. Green Army Men launches from within the main Rising Storm 2: Vietnam client - there are no additional downloads required. It's a total conversion of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, taking you from the jungles and rice paddies of southeast Asia right back to your living room floor. And the backyard, the pool - and the beach! All while playing as toy soldiers. 4 New Maps: Beach Party - battle for supremacy around the sandcastles, deck chairs and beach toys; Backyard - fight your way through the toys, garden implements and beer cans lying around the backyard; Pool Party - combat around the swimming pool. And IN the swimming pool - since when do toy soldiers need to breathe; Christmas - a reprise of the map that caught so much attention last Christmas. The battle for Christmas must go on. Toy soldiers need weapons: the GAM team has provided you with a nice long list, now suitably all in green and blue plastic, including 12+ Weapons: 5.56mm Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle; .45 Caliber Automatic Pistol; .45 Caliber Revolver; 7.62mm Sniper Rifle with Scope; 7.62mm Machinegun; .45 Caliber Submachine Gun; 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun; 40mm Grenade Launcher; Flamethrower; Grenades - Frag, Smoke and White Phosphorus; C-4 and Claymore Explosives. Gameplay features: No fall damage - jump from anywhere, including from helicopters; Simplified chopper flight model - and any class can fly choppers; Supporting Artillery, Mortars and Napalm Rockets.
Download: None currently available

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