Contra: Rogue Corps Konami 2019

This is a twin-stick shooter representing the series, which enjoys the status of a cult shooter all over the world. Its production process was supervised by Nobuya Nakazato - producer of Contra III: The Alien Wars and director of the Contra: Hard Corps project. The storyline layer takes second place. The production tells the story of an invasion of aggressive aliens by four heroes: a soldier named Kaiser (who has a powerful drill instead of a shoulder), a cyborg called Hungry Beast equipped with a human brain and panda body, a deadly Ms. Harakiri and a giant bug called the Gentleman. It does not differ significantly from what we were accustomed to in the previous scenes of the cycle. Observing the action from different perspectives (from the side, from the bird's eye view, from behind the hero's back), we take part in missions consisting mainly in fighting bloody and dynamic clashes with hordes of enemies. Among the latter are the leading bosses (some of them really exorbitant in size) with huge attack power and resistance to damage. It is worth remembering that heroes were differentiated in terms of special attacks and abilities, whose skillful use is the key to success. Between the different stages we go to the Operation Room, where we can acquire various improvements for the protagonists; they include both substitute organs and special cybernetic implants, which increase their combat potential. In addition, during the struggle we obtain raw materials that are used to create new weapons. In addition to the single player campaign, it has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with others online or locally. It consists of both game variants based on PvP rules and a cooperation module.
Download: None currently available

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