Rapid Glider / The Race To Galamax Mind Mechanics / Midas Interactive Entertainment 1997

A third-person 3-D racing shoot-em-up simulation across 21 levels in 7 unique worlds. Your heart will beat faster when you hear the digital soundtrack. In addition, there are specialized opponents in each level who must trick you to stay alive and reach their goal. Every 510 years a contest is held between rival nations of the interstellar planets. The reason behind the contest is for every civilization to test out their latest planetary defense systems in an effort to secure their dominance over the rest of the Galaxy. Since it would be considered an act of war if any one planet was to challenge another planets defenses, it was decided that an independent company called IDS (Interstellar Defense Systems) would have the "privilege" of fighting against the planets. You have been chosen to man the fastest equipped flying machine that IDS have created to weave and shoot your way through the hazardous planets. Your objective is to collect a certain amount of diamonds per level without being destroyed to successfully claim that planet as being conquered. There's a time limit and enemies don't move much. The idea is simple, find and shoot the droids and collect the diamonds, but there are obstacles to avoid too. You start out on a planet called Augerund and you are given an objective to find and destroy all the droids. Once you collect the allotted number of diamonds you move on to the next level. Each level is harder and each planet is a bit different and in most cases harder then the last one. The graphics in the game are bright and colorful, but clunky and chunky. Each planet has a few different objects thrown into the landscape, most of which look like a modern sculpture you might find in a park somewhere, but add to the color and make up the primary difference of each planet. Even when large amounts of objects were displayed the frame rate stayed high enough to provide smooth viewing. The high points of the graphics in this game are the explosions and light tracing of your weapon's projectile.
Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by MonkeyGames)

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