Space Chunks George Thornton / Crunchy Frog 2006

This is a free fast-paced, action-packed classic arcade style game. Packed to the brim with gorgeously glorious graphics and shudderingly superb sound, your enjoyment is assured. Features: Use blasters and torpedoes to obliterate obstacles and enemies! Use your shields, engines and wits to defend yourself; More than just asteroids - War-chunks have automated gun turrets to fire at you, "mosquito" UFOs make strafing runs, minelayer UFOs drop proximity mines, plus the ultra-nasty end-game boss the LORD OF THE CHUNKS; 10 stages of increasing duration and difficulty; Collect powerups for bonus points, additional torpedoes, or to upgrade your blasters to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple or even sextuple firepower; Pulse pounding, hard rocking original sound track; Two player simultaneous co-op play; Game automatically scales to whatever your desktop resolution is, including widescreen; Cheat codes; Utilises the fabulous HGE graphics engine, and the awesome Bass audio engine.
Free Game 14MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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