Shadow Stars: The Ventrui Belt Spellcaster Studios 2004

A terrible weapon is being built on the Tarwyne-controlled Ventrui asteroid belt. A war fleet is sent in, but after a disastrous information leak, it is utterly destroyed, with the exception of a crippled Mjolnir cruiser and the Warfyr family's latest weapon: the Warblade general purpose fighter. Fast, maneuverable and with enough firepower to challenge even a mighty Doombringer, the Warblade is all that stands in the way of a Tarwyne new secret weapon that could shatter the delicate power balance in the Shadow Stars. Be Gabriel Warfyr, the 3rd in royal line of the Warfyr family as he pursues a goal that could ultimately lead to the victory or downfall of the Warfyr family. This is an action game featuring arcade space combat against hordes of enemies. You have control of the Warblade fighter, with the usual shields, laser cannons and missiles. Your objective varies each mission - take out all the enemies, protect a ship, cross hostile space or simply stay alive for x minutes. But primarily, you will be flying around amongst the asteroids and blowing up enemy ships.
Shareware Level Demo 14MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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