GTA RP 2015

Roleplaying in GTA V, more commonly known as GTA RP, involves players creating their own character, rather than playing out the lives of a story mode individual. The multiplayer mod, currently only available on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto, creates a whole new world on the Los Santos map. GTARP was born out of the popular FiveM mod, a community-developed project that launched in 2015 to improve the established GTA Online experience. The mod gives role-players tools so they can blend traditional third-person action gameplay with a pseudo-Second Life experience — transporting them into a setting where they can be anyone and do anything, so long as they obey a series of guidelines called the “Federal Law” rules, designed to protect the RP. Players are able to work as police officers, car dealership owners or even try their hand as criminal judge. On the other hand, gamers can take the risk of being thrown in prison by dealing drugs or joining a gang and engaging in turf wars with rival players on the server. NoPixel is currently the largest GTA V roleplaying server, used by the majority of top streamers due to its exclusivity – players wanting to join the server are forced to fill out an application before they are accepted. Twitch serves as a conduit for viewers to get involved in the stories of GTARP. Servers are available as search terms, allowing a networklike access to the show. Sometimes as many as 10 different streams create a collage of easy accessible stories, all operating in a communal space. Viewers are left with an occasionally cheesy but often charming soap opera that exists online 24 hours a day.
Download FiveM mod 21MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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