Rebirth Pandora Entertainment 2019

Early Access Release You are the survivor of this post-apocalyptic world. You will search for food, gun, and medicine for keeping yourself alive. But it is not that easy. zombies are everywhere. So you have to be careful and alert all the time because they are dangerous. They can smell and feel you. Survivor Rank - You gain experience points by killing zombies and players, hunting and doing various tasks. It then increases the level of your character which can be done in 5 different ways. Hunter has ability to survive in natural life, and is master of melee weapons. Engineer can capture bases, set traps to protect base, and master gun repair. Cook is immune to problems like food poisoning, thirst and hunger, and can craft special foods for staying alive and earning money. Doctor has all skills necessary for health. With a special rifle, they can shoot quietly from long distance and stun their opponents. Your character has tasks that are specific to the class you have selected. For example, if you're playing a doctor, you can craft a bandage with the materials you collected. The bank is the place that your items remain safely. Also, you can access your items with your other characters. You can select your guns and customize them with scopes and silencers. Crafted items and class specific items that you found can be sold on in-game market and gain money. You can then buy ammo, foods, drinks, health and various equipment to survive.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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