Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Double Damage Games 2019

This is a sandbox action game with RPG traits. The players assume the role of a pilot of a star fighter who is also a criminal and a smuggler. The title is a prequel to Rebel Galaxy from 2015 and it was developed the creators of the previous game in the series. The game takes place 34 years before Rebel Galaxy, in a few star systems located slightly closer to Earth. The players assume the role of Juno Markew – an outlaw smuggler who wanted to start a new life but the events forced her to get back to the life of a rebel. One meeting in a shady bar takes a wrong turn, Juno’s ship is destroyed, and the woman is forced to pay a debt to an old friend and the owner of the local casino. This is an action game with an open world in which the players control a star fighter and explore a large galaxy. The players can complete many missions, both ones that are part of the main story (the plot is more important than in previous entry in the series) and side ones. There are interesting characters of various races (the players can talk with them by using a dialogue system), minigames, and smaller activities like pool. Combat system is an important part of the game. The battles between the star fighters are spectacular and require some agility – the developers also made sure that the gameplay mechanics are much more easier to learn than in previous game.
Download: None currently available

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