Oxide Exelweiss Entertainment / Stratos 1998

This is a Tyrian-style vertical shmup. All Aircraft have been destroyed. Only the "OXIDE"; an experimental is available. The enemies of "Xirius" are directed towards the earth. The sky is filled with ships, the situation is really unsustainable. Cross the enemy lines and destroy the mother ships and the launching platforms. Only a last generation Pilot can undertake this Dangerous "Mission". The whole Universe is in danger. Everything depends on you and your "OXIDE". Destroy armada of enemy airplanes and other flying gizmos of different types (it is absolutely unnecessary to destroy everything and it is hardly possible at all), dodge bullets and missiles they send at us, collect bonuses that fall out of dead enemies or just hang in the air; sometimes we meet with bosses. The graphics here are really very good - this is a game from the times of a very late DOS, so here we are awaited by beautifully traced enemies and a variety of landscapes spread below, shadows cast by airplanes and superbly animated explosions.
English + Spanish Full Demos 4+28MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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