Luminist, The Lucid Dream / DigiPen Institute of Technology 2018

The subterranean mining city of Bravst is vast. It has flourished under the rule of its authoritarian governing body known as The Order. The Order has fostered an industrial and scientific revolution by harvesting a powerful resource from oil rich mushrooms which grow deep underground. Dietrich, an engineer, is trapped in a long-abandoned district of the city after a freak accident. Completely alone with only intermittent contact with the city via radio, he must traverse the ruins to escape. As he navigates the dark tunnels and abandoned dwellings he discovers clues leading to a revelation as to why this area of the mines was condemned. Now, time is against him as the rulers of Bravst hope to keep their secrets locked away in the depths of the mines. This is a single-player third-person shooter in which the player, armed with makeshift light-based tools and projectile weapons, must repel swarms of cave-dwelling monsters in an effort to escape the treacherous mines. In addition to the main story there is also a ‘Horde’ game mode where the player can hone their skills defending against endless waves of monsters.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
Free Game 1.8GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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