Bandits Benerot 2019

This is a tiny couch-multiplayer game, and a modern take on the classic tank arena genre. It's influenced by beloved classics, and sprinkled with some moba gameplay elements. Features: Play with any of the 8 awesome characters; Each character has their own play-style and abilities; Bandits has fully destructible environments; Game modes are "Solo Missions", and "Battle Arena"; Single player adventure~ish missions where you see a bit of the world's story; There are 15 levels to defend and fight against the evil forces; Game changes dynamically between mouse&keyboard and gamepad when you press a button on either; PvP, 2-4 players; Play in Teams or Free-For-All; 12 arenas to test your metal; Fight for points or the last one standing; 1 player can play with mouse&keyboard, the others need gamepads; Better experience if all 2-4 use gamepads.
Download: None currently available

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