Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beenox / Activision Blizzard 2019

Release Date: Oct 25 The title is a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series, the first part of which debuted in 2007. The action takes place in 2019. Players take on the role of elite soldiers and take part in operations that take them to different corners of the world - from European metropolises like London to unstable regions of the Middle East. The events presented here are observed from the perspective of the Tier 1 commando and the Arab soldier. The action was shown from the first person perspective (FPP). The pillar of the game is a feature campaign in which we perform a variety of tasks, both secret missions, where silent operation is required, as well as extensive military operations. While playing, we make use of a modern arsenal of firearms and various gadgets useful on the battlefield. In addition to the feature campaign, it has a multiplayer mode. It allows for online duels with other players, as well as cooperation in specially prepared operations. Interestingly, the experience gained during the game is common for all modes. It is worth noting that the title supports cross-platform gameplay between personal computers and consoles. It works on the basis of a new engine, which was created in the Cracow branch of Infinity Ward studio. It guarantees the high quality of the visual setting, which is accompanied by the sound supporting the Dolby ATMOS technology. Moreover, in order to make their work as realistic as possible (also with regard to violence), the authors have established cooperation with Navy SEALs soldiers who, among other things, took part in motion capture sessions.
Download: None currently available

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