Kaeon Thomas Pytel (Tran) 1992

In this arcade side-scrolling shooter, you are a pilot of space jet sent to infiltrate some planet, Kaeon. Your way to the core of this planet will be perilous, because its environment is full of different enemies. Your space jet has 3 kinds of fire weapons (activated by different keys) and extras, which power may be increased with power-ups collected during your flight. Standing, flying, or moving enemies are shooting at you as well as powerful Bosses block your way to the victory. The options allow you to define the rate of your and enemy shots, ability to die by collision with walls or enemies, etc. When you finish the level, the password will be given to you to continue your progress from this point. The Bosses, though graphically shabby like the rest, are well done, with many parts to destroy before they succumb. The top scores will be stored also. The game was never really completed. The executable contains visible names (and passwords!) for six levels: Orbiting Defence Station, Atmosphere, Alien Forest, Capital City, Underground, and the Core. However, data only exists for the first three - defeating the level 3 boss, or trying to use the passwords for levels 4-6, will just loop back to the main menu.
Full Demo 296kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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