Collapsed Glaive Games 2019

You play as one of 4 unique Hunters who have to track down their prey. Each one has its own set of abilities, skills and combat style. You’ll have to travel through hazardous procedurally-generated levels, fighting dozens of enemy types and challenging bosses. This post-apocalyptic world is filled with useful items, that you’ll combine to gain new traits, and with experience points, you’ll invest in a vast skill tree. And you won’t lose all of your precious treasure when you’ll die! You’ll die a lot, and start from the beginning each time – but all of your loot and items are carried to your next run. Features: A dangerous world to explore. Collapsed features 9 uniquely styled locations with procedurally-generated levels filled with tough enemies and deadly traps; Fight your way. Choose one of 4 Hunters, each with its own ranged and close combat styles, and engage in a hardcore timing-based fights. More than 60 enemy types and 15 bosses await you; Evolve. The game features a massive and branchy skill tree to develop your unique war machine; Tools of destruction. You can combine and craft over 100 different items that’ll help on your way; Rogue-lite. Once you’ll die (and you most certainly will), you’ll have to start from the beginning – but your hard-earned items and skills carry on; Fight alone or with a friend. Collapsed features a cooperative mode for one of your friends; 10 difficulty modifiers. In case you’re into a real challenge.
Download: None currently available

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