WarForwards Roman Pak 2019

This is an action game with dynamic gunplay in close quarters, inspired by the film "John Wick" and transferred to the 2D Top-Down Shooter format. The action takes place in a special military Academy, where the cadets participate in large-scale military training. Make friends, prepare equipment and fight your way to the goal through dozens of enemies on a variety of locations with large arsenal of weapons, non-stop action, tons of lead and barrage of fire. Show them who's the best here. Shoot 'Em in the Head - Critical shot mechanic require you to shoot accurately to deal maximum damage. Furious firefights in CQB on various locations. Plan your every move because the enemy is close and the price of mistake will be too high. Story-driven campaign, in which you don't kill anyone... You will find an intense adventure where you make friends and defeat many enemies on your way to the goal. Endless survival mode with its own progression and mechanics. If you came just to shoot, then welcome to the extensive survival mode. Several difficulty modes allow you to find the optimal level of challenge. Extensive Arsenal of various weapons - You can unlock more than 70 weapons to use in battle. Pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, LMGs and rocket launchers are all at your disposal. All weapons have different purposes, so you will always find something for yourself. Perk system - Diverse perks allow you to modify your playstyle. You can equip different perk to improve certain characteristics of your character or get other improvements that will help you in battle.
Download: None currently available

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