Serious Duke 3D 2011

A remake (and reimagining) of the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D. While the main idea is to recreate the classic Duke 3D experience, some modern elements are added to the mix, such as redesigned and expanded level areas, occasional enemy waves/arena fights and new weapons. It also features redesigned enemy and weapon models from DNF with custom animations, as well as a selection of sounds and voice taken from several official Duke games and beyond that lots of custom assets and music tracks made exclusively for this mod. The main campaign is fully playable from start to finish. However, will keep working on refining the levels and maybe even adding new content to them. Classic versions of all 5 maps is also on to-do list. The mod should be fully playable in VR. There are, however, a couple of bugs and general clunkyness with the VR support atm (cutscenes in particular). Also note that smooth locomotion is required for the most part. MP/Coop - Besides SS Fusion being unstable with custom maps (game titles, the maps in this mod are designed mainly for singleplayer gameplay, and have some complex scripts running in the background. Chances are, that you run into issues when playing online.
Download (uploaded by Steam Workshop)

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