Gun Gun Pixies Shade Inc. / pQube 2019

This is a colourful combination of a third person shooter and a 3D platformer. The game was developed by the Japanese studio also known for creating such series as Bullet Girls in cooperation with Compile Heart and Idea Factory, which for years have specialized in creating jRPG games for such series as Hyperdimension Neptunia. This was released first on PlayStation Vita in 2017 and then on the remaining stationary platforms. The main protegonists of the game are Bee-tan and Kame-pon who come out of this world. They were sent on a reconaissance mission from their homeworld called Pixie withe the task to investigate the behaviour and customs of ordinary people. This information is to be used to solve the social problems that afflict their race. The fact that the protagonists are only a few centimetres tall makes the task a little more difficult. While completing their mission, the protagonists head for a female dorm that is inhabited by five different girls. During the game, players explore all the dormitory rooms. The action is shown from the third person perspective. Players' task is to shoot at selected points on the body of girls, which, depending on the situation, can for example drip, practice yoga or study at the desk. After giving each shoot, the missiles are heading in player's direction, and have to be avoided. The game also places great emphasis on platform elements. Players sometimes have to jump between pieces of furniture and elements of the environment in order to reach their destination. Occasionally players are forced to sneak up when there is one of the tenants nearby. The characters must then crouch and try not to attract attention.
Download: None currently available

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