Ad Astra Steve Chapman 2010

This is a space simulator game, where the player starts with a rudimentary craft, and is expected to earn money and buy better vehicles. This can be done by various means, including piracy, salvage, missions, scavenging, mining, and trading. It's an open-ended game set in a future several hundred years from now. There are no objectives other than to survive and make money. Although it's possible to trade, the emphasis has been placed firmly on combat and exploration with lucrative career opportunities available in the form of bounty hunting, deep space salvage, law enforcement and crime. In the one hundred years since the first artificial wormhole was developed, the exploration of the star systems surrounding our sun has been aggressively pursued. Thousands of planets have been colonised and the need for an ever-greater supply of resources drives further expansion at a relentless pace. Whilst the inner star systems are relatively safe the uncontrolled pursuit of wealth has allowed crime to flourish and the frontier is effectively lawless. Whilst alien life is abundant and varied throughout the known galaxy, nothing particularly intelligent has so far been discovered. However, constant rumors and tall stories from the distant edges of space abound and there is a dawning realization that we may not be alone after all. The game does not include music, but this can be installed by downloading midi or ogg-vorbis files and placing them into the 'midi' or 'ogg' directory.
Full Demo v13c 27MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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