Crusaders of Space 2 Adept Studios / Alawar Entertainment Inc. 2006

This is the third single person, shareware, space shooter of the fixed screen variety in the Crusaders Of Space series. The player takes the role of Captain Nathaniel Chaser who commanded a special squadron called 'The Crusaders Of Space'. While on a mission pursuing a gang of evil Skabs, headed by the villain Slango, the good captain's ship, the Pathfinder, was shot down and he spent a year in hospital recovering from his injuries. Then one day the general calls and introduces Nadia Cruz, Captain Chaser is being recalled to duty and Nadia is his new boss. The first mission is to take Pathfinder 2 and stop a baddie who's planning to take over the galaxy. The game starts with an 'Intro' consisting of four levels. After this the player is presented with a series of comic book style screens which lay down the basic plot of the game and then the first mission begins. The full game has over one hundred levels, the first mission starts at level five and lasts until level fifteen, mission two starts with level sixteen. To make progression easier each mission is divided into two parts. This is not apparent during game play but when the player dies and restarts they will see the part mission segments on a menu. Each mission, or part mission, can only be accessed once the preceding game section has been completed. The game is a straightforward shooter with alien ships on the screen right from the start with others flying in as the player fights through the levels. The player has only lives with which to play this game and achieve a high score. However as they progress they can collect weapon power ups and armour, when their ship takes damage instead of dying instantly the ship loses one of its power ups. Unlike the earlier games there is only one level of difficulty, The Pathfinder 2 has a single cannon as its main weapon and missiles as its secondary weapon. Power-ups for the main weapon can be collected which increase its potency, additional missiles can also be collected. The Pathfinder 2 can also fire an additional weapon which is picked up as a power up but these are time limited as are the invulnerability power-ups. These weapon power ups include freeze bullets which stop the enemy ships in their tracks for a while, plus fire and toxic bullets which do more damage. There's also a missile strike power up which launches a series of rockets from the bottom of the screen. Every few levels the player gets a single upgrade point which can be used to buy improvements for their ship. There is a high score table, music, and the game can be played in many different screen resolutions. Features: 120 levels of intense action; Six player ships; All of the ship upgrades; A surprise ending.
Full Demo 13MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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