Adventures of Sullivan, The Bumper Car Studios 2019

You play as Sullivan, a famous, and now retired bounty hunter, known for moon walking while fighting, defying laws of physics with fancy jump moves and air slides, and never backing down from an adversary. Our story begins when you are on your way to get a hamburger from a hip, local space pub, with your beloved cat, Claude Arthur Thatchmoore (C.A.T. for short). You are enjoying retirement, when something unthinkable happens. Henchmen of the feared and powerful cyborg bat pirates steal C.A.T. in an attempt to please their leader, who is fond of collecting all things cute and furry. Sullivan has no choice but to lay chase, and destroy anything in his way to get back his trusty sidekick, and friend. Features: A Heartfelt story; Fast-paced, twitch game play that rewards skill and agility; Tight mechanics that include jumping, sliding, crouching and melee; 7 levels across a wide variety of environments; Environmental hazards that add extra challenge; 18 unique weapons to use; Over 60 different enemies each with their own unique attributes, guns and bullets; Epic Boss battles; Multiple paths to choose from on each level; An original soundtrack, styled around electronic beats; Pixel graphics, for retro gaming goodness; Full game pad controller support; Future DLC; Ongoing updates post release.
Download: None currently available

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