Trenches Big OOF Games 2019

Early Access Release World war style combat fought by hundreds of players across several weeks deep in the mud of trenches and the hulls of rumbling tanks. Build up your teams economy, construct your fortified battle lines, and push the opponents back. - or at least that's what we hope. This is an ongoing project where a handful of devs decide to make the game they want to play, available publicly from day one - warts and all. A world war inspired multiplayer First-person shooter, with infantry and vehicular combat - coupled with economic base building and construction. It's a sandbox shooter where the players can decide how to overcome the enemy. Opponents dug in a fortified trench line? Sight in your allied player's artillery to destroy it from afar. Enemy tanks pushing you back? Set a minefield and lure them in. Destroy the bridge behind the enemy line to cut them off and rain shells down on them from afar. We want to give players a sandbox approach to first-person combat - and we need your help to do it.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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