Robo Inc Project Cyberpolis Group, Plymouth Interactive 2019

Early Access Release This is a cyberpunk adventure quest for truth set in a cold Sci-Fi future. Improvised weapons and a sense of humor will help you survive in a world of aggressive tin cans, solve interstellar intrigues... and, perhaps, learn something about the real you in the meantime. In space, only the fittest survive. Who said that a hybrid of man and sofa cannot be the pinnacle of human evolution? Character development in our game does not lead to a dead end. Stealth generators, kinetic repulsors and lots of other yummy Sci-Fi gadgets will come in handy. Your armored opponents can’t wait to try their new toys on you as well. And only the best sets of implants will allow you to climb to the top of the cybernetic food chain. Make a choice between swag and surival instinct. Truly hilarious natural selection is not limited to stealth attacks and luring the enemy to a minefield. It is not always obvious which one of your so-called allies is trying to support you and whose goal is to confuse and abuse. That is why the ability to read between the lines of numbers in the logs of crazy robots becomes essential for your survival. You will have to make a complicated choice between sarcasm, voice of reason and... whatever robots have instead of consciousness to get through the conversations with suspicious individuals safely. If any fascinating hallucinations cross your mind while playing this game, do not worry. That is totally normal. Hallucinations are obvious effects of the soundtrack that was composed especially for you. It creates three-dimensional acoustic images and reflects on neo-noir, retrowave and cyberpunk by compiling multiple electronic genres. This game will greet you with the irony and Hollywood-like performance of NPCs, but there is so much more about it that you might want to start writing down the revelations and insights packed in the seemingly simple story. You will try to answer the key philosophical questions and interpret a peaceful humanistic appeal to every common Earth dweller: What makes you real? Is the desire to find a soul equal to the soul itself? If you are one of those who still keep breathing out of habit only, then why do you care? ... The search for answers brought you here. Now you are alone, and there is nothing to fight the whole world with except for something that is still functioning inside your chest. There is still something to lose, so make your first step into the world of cyberpunk as if it was a tale of chivalry. So find your sword, your shining armor and an evil dragon in this future. Bring it justice. Bring it pain. Bring it death.
Download: None currently available

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