SimStreetsX 1997

Take your rage to the streets on Windows 10 by becoming a lunatic Sim driver. With the SimStreetsX patcher, you can patch your game to work natively on Windows 7+. You no longer need to use a virtual machine or CPU Killer, just a lead foot. The patcher comes with a variety of options so you can either take a relaxing drive or battle up to seven other players over a network. This is a game patcher which rewrites assembly instructions for various game functions. The purpose of this project is preserve the original game, while having optional game enhancements. Prior to this project the only available options were a virtual machine or CPU killer. It also supports SimCity2000 maps. Game Sleep: This is a sleep delay between each complete game cycle measured in milliseconds and it's the most important option for the game to run on your modern machine. If the game runs too fast, it will crash. The higher the "game sleep" means the higher the sleep time, which makes the game slower (not faster). Resolution: For now the game is locked to 640x480, I plan on finding ways to increase the resolution similar to SimCopterX. This process may take many months so please be patient. Windowed Mode: Your game needs to run in compatibility mode for reduced 8-bit color if you are using Windowed Mode. This is a requirement that cannot be changed, but it's very easy to fix - the launcher will even check this setting for you.
Download 340kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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