Perdition Contraband / DigiPen Institute of Technology 2019

This is a single player, first-person shooter with visceral, fast-paced combat and environmental storytelling. A story of vengeance, vindication, and survival. A story of closure. Nothing to lose - As the last man alive, James Beckett will stop at nothing to obliterate the alien mothership and avenge his loved ones. Overwhelming odds - Vanquish unrelenting waves of unnatural, fearsome beings. Devastating firepower - Beckett commands a cataclysmic arsenal of near-future ordnance. Each weapon has an alternate fire mode so you can deliver judgment your way. High-velocity carnage - Beckett’s not one to wait around for recharging health or reloading. Scavenge armor from fallen enemies, and use empty guns as deadly explosives in Overdrive Mode. Superhuman mobility - All weapons fire projectiles that can be dodged using Beckett’s dash and double jump abilities. Unstoppable power - When it’s personal, titanium plating is no match for Beckett’s fists. Haunting beauty - Follow the path of destruction through the countryside where Beckett grew up, and uncover mementos from his past.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
Free Game 632MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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