Azure Reflections souvenir circ. / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., UNTIES 2019

This is an insane, side-scrolling bullet hell fangame based on one of the hottest shooting game series to come out of Japan, the Touhou Project. Enemies come at you from all directions with a relentless hail of bullets. Fight back with a well-timed Danmaku Rush to tear your way through bullets and enemies alike. Safe even for beginners. Not that great at bullet hell games? That's okay. We've got you covered with a Practice Mode that lets you practice boss fights and a Tutorial Mode that holds your hand and walks you through the basics of how to play bullet hell shooters. It's got tons of collectibles, too. Mix and match accessories for your favorite look. Collect action figures of the Gensokyo girls, with a dedicated viewer mode. Can you unlock all of the Achievements!?
Download: None currently available

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