Touhou Blooming Chaos Two-color purple butterfly, Re Zero / Two-color purple butterfly, East Tour 2019

This is a game belonging to Touhou game series, a funny and explorable ACT+STG game. Every character likes to change to other people. What is happening here? Not like traditional Danmaku game, in this game you can operate your character's moves and attacks to all directions. Find the secret of maps and face powerful enemies. As a pixel game, we prepared very interesting dialogues for you. It's a very lovely and classical game. You can move your characters in all directions in your screen, attack and use skill smoothly. Not like vertical STG game, here you can enjoy not only Boss fights, but also you can explore all the maps and find out the secrets of it. If you want fight some bosses or find key items, you must try to find out hidden areas. Intense Danmaku fight. We prepared many enemies and bosses for you. All the enemies number are more than 30, and our boss will show you 2 random skills in different steps. Exciting Danmaku game experiments with many spellcards. Intense and fascinating spellcard fights are the most attractive sprites in this Touhou game. Spellcards include famous time stop skill, being aided by beloved little sister Frandle, and others. When you break the Saizenbako in the game, you may have chance to gain some items, they can help you win in boss fighst. Use them with same number key. The game has a total of 6 endings, each and every one is really funny. Depending on your choice, the ending of story is different too. Try them all. A talented musician made 19 great songs for this game, please enjoy it. Whether you are or not a Touhou game fan, you will find a lot fun in this game.
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