Rising Fire [Ch] Axion Games, Yingpei Games / ZY Games, Tencent 2016

This is a third-person shooter, role-playing game that has been initially developed for the PC platform in China. The game contains 7 player classes, 20 levels, 30+ maps and more than 160 weapon parts providing players with endless customization. Five player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) modules are offered allowing users to complete in solo game play featuring artificial intelligence or multiplayer, interactive e-sports events. It's a post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMO where players choose between one of four classes: Bouncer, Hunter, Cyborg, or Ranger, and fight against an alien invasion. Crawl through PvE dungeons, defeating monstrous creatures to obtain new loot, and collect over a purported 1 million different guns. Hunt down creatures in multiple environments, including the city, deserts, and frozen wastelands. Hop in a vehicle such as a dune buggy or hover-bike to quickly cross vast distances. Rising Fire does not have a Western release date as of yet. Features: 1 Million Guns - collect almost one million different types of guns to obliterate enemies; Instanced PvE - crawl through dungeons, killing mobs with friends to collect epic loot; 4 Classes - choose between one of four classes: Hunter, Cyborg, Bouncer, or Ranger; Co-op Gameplay - work together with friends to defeat overwhelming bosses and collect new loot; Vehicles - roam the deserts on a sci-fi dune buggy or zip past enemies on a hover-bike.
Chinese Free Game 12.7GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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