Wings Of Bluestar Shinu Real Arts 2020

Release Date: Mar 31 Protect space against the last wave of an enemy that used to be mankind's ally: a mysterious intelligent artificial life form. Take control of enhanced trainee pilot Aya, or the mysterious veteran pilot Zarak and fight your way through waves of enemies in order to save mankind and to learn more about yourself and also about your enemy. It's a horizontal hand painted and frame by frame animated HD game, no photobashing, 3D nor pre-rendered assets are used. It's a shoot'em up game that takes the solid gameplay of horizontal arcade shmups and modernizes it for modern consoles use. The game achieves this by adding a lot of features like HD graphics, trophies, deep story mode with dialog choices and multiple endings, gamepad, keyboard and arcade stick support, a shop to unlock artworks, extra credits, sound test, extra game modes etc, online leaderboard and more. Gameplay-wise, the player has access to two ships (characters), each with its own control, weapon upgrades and scoring system. It's a hybrid between classic shoot'em ups and "bullet hells" (Danmaku's), so each player can have their fun. Despite the game being horizontal, it also has a lot of vertical scrolling as well to add to the action. Features: Single and local two players; Gamepad, arcade stick and keyboard support, with a button mapping option; HD 2D hand painted visuals; Each ship has its own play style, weapon upgrade and scoring system; Hi-scoring system involves a risk vs reward approach; Huge bosses with varied attack patterns; 8+ stages; A story mode in the style of a visual novel game that plays between stage/missions and offers dialog choices leading to different endings; In-game shop using in-game currency to unlock extra features; A gallery, featuring original artwork, concept art, and fanarts to unlock; A Boss Rush mode that lets you fight against bosses under a timer; Steam Trophies; Online leaderboard.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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