Mossy Oaks: Hooks & Horns PSR Outdoors 2006

Spring Gobbler and Whitetail Deer Hunting, this has it all; sporting clays turkey hunting and deer hunting. Challenge yourself on two sporting clay ranges. Spring gobbler hunt in Georgia (easterns) or in Idaho (merriams). If you prefer to deer hunt that's OK, hunt big whitetails on the eastern shore of Maryland. Truly amazing graphics and animations provide the most realistic cyber-hunting experience you've ever seen. And don't forget the Sound Recognition; connect a microphone to your puter get you game calls out and call it that wary gobbler or grunt in your trophy buck. Features: Trophy Room for bucks and gobblers harvested; Sound Recognition Technology (SRT) for calling turkeys and deer; Spring gobbler hunting in Georgia (easterns) and Idaho (merriams) Whitetail deer hunting on the Eastern shore of Maryland Hunt deer with rifle or shotgun hunt turkeys with shotgun Deer calls available - grunt tube, doe bleat; Choice of either cover or attractant scents for deer; Turkey calls available - box, slate, mouth, crow, owl; Availability of decoy for turkey hunting; 'Arcade' mode which allows player to have deer walk out immediately; Full screen 800 x 600 resolution with ability to pan left and right; 'Game' animals include turkey gobblers & hens, whitetail doe and bucks; Realistic game animal patterns including feeding, movement & breeding habits; Stunning photo realistic graphics to include wild turkeys and whitetail deer.
included in Ultimate Sportsman Collection - DVD ISO Demo 837MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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