Lightning Wings II Brogent Technologies Inc. 2019

This is a game using Brogent's somatosensory system. Players can explore the highest realm of virtual reality. Log-in to the mobile app, players can choose their robot. Log-in to the simulators with the QR code generated, players can enjoy the most exciting battle game in Brogent's E-sport base in Kaohsiung. Team up with the best players to practice your skill and study your team strategy. Somatosensory with virtual reality, an unprecedented gaming experience. In 2025-2030, ice floes in the Antarctic and the Arctic melted, and the sea level increased rapidly. Land on earth shrank rapidly in the past five years. Islands and reefs scattered around the country. Striving to survive, the remaining human forces must compete with each other to occupy the remaining land at the fastest speed. They sent out the most elite deformation armor units to defeat the enemy at lightning speed, master to control islands and extend their last lifeline. This critical battle for survival is called: Lightning Wings.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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