Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - Anchorhead Raid Bandai Namco Studios / Bandai Namco Entertainment 2019

The 5th add-on included in the season pass for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. This add-on allows you to play the new SP mission 02 "Anchorhead Raid." In preparation for the showdown in Farbanti, the Erusean military is gathering its remaining naval forces at Anchorhead Bay. We've received intel that the super-submarine Alicorn will also be joining them. The LRSSG is to raid Anchorhead, located in Erusean territory, and inflict as much damage as possible. If we can strip the port of its naval functions, we can also prevent the submarine from joining forces. To avoid hostile detection, you will sortie in small numbers and make your way in at super-low altitudes. "I want a 100% survival rate for the sortie. Any other number and the mission will be considered a failure!"
Download: None currently available

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