Sub Fury!! PLBM Games 1997

This free game is about underwater battles. We have to take on the role of the pilot of the submarine, which should torpedo the advancing underwater equipment. The player-controlled device can move in a plane bounded by the screen, enemy submarines appear on the left and right (two on the first level, four on the second and so on). They, in turn, also attack us with weapons of similar speed and strength. As a result, we try to get into opponents and avoid enemy shells. In addition to the above, there are many gameplay elements that make this thing interesting and original. The air supply is very limited, or rather, it decreases rapidly, but only if the device is immersed. To replenish the air scale, you need to float to the surface, however, an enemy ship runs there, and if you encounter it, death is inevitable. Starting from the sixth level, a helicopter begins to fly over the sea, from time to time dropping underwater mines, which are also deadly. Once in several stages, we will meet with a huge boss. Finally, the game with each level is becoming more and more dynamic: there is a time limit here, and it's pretty tough. The graphics, especially considering the freeware-origin of the game, are commendable. Against the backdrop of the battle, a sunken colossal submarine is visible; all objects, especially bosses, are painted with diligence. All shots and other events are voiced.
Free Game 531kb (uploaded by

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