EVE: Aether Wars CCP, Hadean / CCP 2019

Be part of record-breaking history and help shatter the world record for the Largest Fight in Gaming. Every test provides more learnings, contributing to further refinements and improvements that will hopefully see us realize the vision of space battles on a truly massive scale with great real time performance. The game takes place in Abyssal Deadspace, a territory remote from the rest of New Eden. It is a dark and hostile region, filled with gargantuan asteroids forming a rocky three dimensional landscape of mountains and ravines. Your objective is to compete with other players to collect rare materials called 'Zero-Point Condensate' (ZPC), and collect the materials in your cargo hold where they contribute to your score. If your ship explodes, you drop ZPC as collectible loot. You can also hunt down and destroy other players and earn a fraction of their loot. CCP Games and London-based start-up Hadean are proud to be partnering with Steam and Microsoft on this ongoing R&D initiative to push the boundaries of large-scale, multiplayer experiences, exploring the possibilities of Cloud Gaming in hopes of unlocking greater possibilities of scale for EVE Online and MMO games. The EVE community currently holds the Guinness World Record for “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP videogame battle” with 6,142 players on 23 January 2018. This partnership is now looking to shatter this world record at EVE London and expand the boundaries of virtual worlds in an epic large-scale fleet battle.
Steam Tech Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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