Muscles And Bullets Labour Ennobles 2019

Early Access Release An evil dictator has transformed a peaceful tropical island into a nest of mercenaries and terrorists, and now he’s enslaving the local population. Intel from our recon base indicates the presence of prohibited chemical and nuclear weapons within enemy territory. The dictator’s political allies are preventing international military action, so this mission has been entrusted to a secret agent named “Bazooka” Kurt and his partner. Their objective is to eliminate the threat by any means necessary – even if it means burning the entire island to the ground. Features: Completely destructible terrain and environment; Weapons that transform the terrain. A drill for fast tunnel creation; A system of balance-altering power-ups; A richly detailed world. Planned in full version: Fun scenario; 8 different levels + bonus levels; Split screen co-op; Light ground vehicles; Random challenges with rewards; An emotion system for enemies which changes their behaviour - panic, rage, gloat.
Download: None currently available

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