Godzilla Online Centropolis Interactive, Mythic Entertainment Inc. 1998

Based on the Hollywood remake of the same name, Godzilla Online was a multiplayer-only action game for the GameStorm service. Players created a character and improved their stats by earning server-tracked experience points. Three maps were included - the 23rd St Subway Station, the Fulton Fish Market, and Madison Square Garden - with multiple instances and game types running at the same time (selected through an in-game browser). Players could play as a solider class, collecting weapons and shooting opponents, or as a "baby Godzilla," using claws, teeth and fire breath to survive. A third option was to play as an unarmed reporter who was invincible while crouching, and earned points by getting shots of the match's action with their videocamera - which the soldiers could also view for recon. Four match types were released before GameStorm was disbanded: Free-For-All was a standard deathmatch with no teams or allegiances. Team Deathmatch pit the blue team against the yellow team (teams could be of mixed species). The first team to kill a set number of opponents won. Eggstatica was a simple capture the flag game. Soldiers would try to remove Godzilla eggs, while the baby Godzillas protected their nest. Escape from New York pit the soldiers against the baby Godzillas. The Godzillas tried to eat enough fish (scattered around the level as power-ups) to grow to their maximum strength and escape. Soldiers tried to kill a set number of Godzillas before this could happen. It was also different as it used voxels to render its graphics.
ISO Demo 211MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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