Strike Force Commando Noguera Games (Matnogames) 2002

This is an isometric 3D action and adventure game. It is the year 2090, the solar system has been colonized by the human race. But we are not alone, an alien civilization has conquered the satellite Europe and settled in large temples on the ruins of the human colonies. Thou art a command of the Strike Force and your mission is the infiltration behind the enemy line l and destruction major facilities aliens. Have fun killing all your enemies with your gun multi-function built missile launchers and flamethrowers. You'll be able to pick up objects, activate switches, find secret traps, open doors, use computers, teleport Aero hostage and drive motorcycles. The game was later made freeware.
Freeware Game (original + Windows10 version) 8MB / 9MB (uploaded by

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