Team Tractor Beam Hot Mess Games 2015

This is a gravity shooter with super fun gameplay, get-your-friends-round-for-pizza multiplayer and an amazing soundtrack. It's 90s throwback visuals and space opera audio by the fantastic musician Commander Quantum may bring back memories of such games as Thrust on the C64 or Solar Jetman on the NES. It has full controller support. Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360/One Controllers and Sony Playstation PS3/PS4 Controllers. Prefer to use the keyboard? No problem. Game Modes: Versus - This mode supports up-to four players split-screen. Challenge your friends to some split-screen multiplayer mayhem. Pod Ball - This unique game mode is basically basketball with spaceships and lasers and supports up-to four players. Players must score by getting the basketball into their opponents basket. But be careful in order to grapple the ball you MUST lower your shields. Survival - Play alone or with friends, supporting up-to four players. In this game mode you must survive waves of enemy AI and protect the core. The enemy will be drawn to the power core, your job, fend them off as-long as possible. Working as a team is your best option and make sure your weapons and special weapons compliment each others. Weapons - At the start of a match you get to pick your primary and secondary weapon. Primary Weapons - There are four primary weapons: Plasma Bolt, Plasma Spread, Heavy Plasma, Rapid Fire. The weaker weapons have a higher fire-rate than the more powerful weapons. Secondary Weapon - Warning secondary weapons have a cool down period. Use wisely or you may be caught short. Force Push - A gravity weapon that pushes everything away, and disrupts your opponents weapon. Arc Overload - Huge electrical discharge in a local area with massive damage. Magnetic Mines - Static Mines that explode on contact. Simple but effective. Life Field - Regenerative health field that not only recharges your health but it will recharge team-mates. Power Weapons - On each map and game mode you will find a selection of power-weapons. Power-weapons can be found in red crates, grapple onto a crate to temporarily receive this weapon. Chain gun: A fast and a good all-round weapon. Scattershot: Shotgun, a devastating close quarter weapon. Ruby Laser: This is an impressive weapon. Great for long range damage. Pipe Bomb: Pipe bombs, when your opponent hears the beeping panic is guaranteed. Hyper Goo: This is a green slime like weapon. Great to fill bottle-necks and watch your opponents fly into your goo trap. Rainbow Ray: Colourful, rapid and deadly. Looks like a rainbow, stings like a bee. It was later made freeware.
Freeware Game 93MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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