Zombie Panic In Wonderland DX Akaoni Studio 2019

Free wonderland From the Loving Zombies' Plague. This is an arcade Gallery Shooter with anime artstyle originally on Wiiware in 2010 and this upgraded DX version on Nintendo 3DS in 2014. Be one of the mythical characters of the most famous fairy tales around the world and equip yourself with all kinds of weapons to end a plague of loving zombies. Destroy everything - Every element, big or small, can be destroyed. Use the heavy machine to tear down, flamethrower to burn or the grenades to blow up every building. Don't forget that every explosion cause damage, so try to do as much damage as possible to nearby zombies. Play alone as Momotaro (popular hero of japanese folklore) or challenge your friends to join you in the cooperative mode with any of the 4 playable characters from four different worlds: Momotaro, Alice from the famous novel of Lewis Carroll, Dorothy from the wizard of Oz and the legendary Snow White.
Download: None currently available

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