Alphaman Heartfelt Games LLC 2019

In 20XX, android AI now has the capacity to serve humanity by replacing dangerous, servantile, and repetitive jobs. With that power, comes a dire responsibility. Recently group of hackers known as the Red Bombers have taken over personal androids enjoyed by the population. It's up to Alpha to burst into action and take them down. You will control Alpha running, jumping, dashing, climbing, and shooting your way into action against the Red Bombers and their infected bots. Taking their powers when you defeat them, you will be able to charge your shots with new abilities such as the Triple Blade and Clean Sweep which allow you to shoot in 3 directions and dash in mid-air respectively. Take down the Red Bombers by clearing 7 full stages + 1 final boss stage with the support of the cute operator specially designed to aid Alpha with intel on his missions. Controls are re-mappable in game.
Download: None currently available

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