Contract Work Iterative Games 2019

Early Access Release This is a 2d sneak & shoot roguelike in a cyberpunk universe. You break into procedurally generated corporate high-rises, attempt to avoid security, and steal and destroy corporate assets as you see fit. No strategy is wrong as long as you get paid. Procedurally generated levels create new challenges and opportunities for every play. Navigate deadly arrays of sensors and traps. Battle unrelenting robotic enemies. Select from multiple weapons and hack programs for each run. Shop the black market to install and unlock up to 50 unique upgrades. Unlock new weapons and hack programs. Limitless replayability – every run is different. New weapons, hack software, upgrades and enemies updates throughout Early Access. Proudly brought to you by solo indie studio generously funded on Kickstarter. Let’s go blow up some robots.
Download: None currently available

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