Hets Ditto 2014

You meet a mysterious man in the darkness. He seems panicked and depressed. He gives you a gun and tells you to destroy the statues. What have you gotten yourself into? This is a very fast, very difficult platformer about shooting monsters in dark randomized caves. After each cave you get rewarded with some well deserved rest and an upgrade that will help you fend off the ever increasing amount of beasts you encounter. What is actually the deal with those statues by the way? Features: Super high-speed platforming gameplay; Randomized levels; 13 different upgrades. Some even stack up; 12 unique enemies that will make your life hell; Gritty dark moody pixels of sadness and sorrow; A very evil final boss. If you can survive that long; Sadistic difficulty.
Free Game v1.4 4MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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