AquaNimble DrinkingNails LLC 2016

This is about crazy intense shooter action with big quirky guns against underwater snake dragons, cybernetic sharks, swirling skeletons, submarines and so much more. Features: 2 campaigns - Forever abyss that generates a campaign from 200 waves; Daily campaigns that are the same campaign for everyone around the world for 24 hours; Make your own challenge - select your number of lives, continues; 6 difficulties from "power trip" to "nightmare"; Around 20 unique playable vessels with their own default weapon; Unlockable Ship skins; 8 specials that wipe bullets and damage enemies; Speed and big weapons. You have a wide screen to cover; 30+ weapons to find and a random weapon generator; Weapon upgrades for any weapon, even the random ones; Add a beam, remove a beam for extra power, add fire; Charge shots for bigger enemies; 70+ enemy types; Giant boss fights; Controller and Keyboard support for up to 4 players. Two Campaigns that are similar and different all at the same time. Think of the second one as a remix with a few different enemies to make it unique. The game selects from over 200 patterns based on what level you're on then assembles you a campaign. Its never the same twice. There are extra enemies, replacement enemies and tweaks to keep things interesting. Daily Campaigns - one per 24 hours that is the same for every player. Make your own challenge: You can set your own amount of lives, continues, difficulty and more. Arcade mode: This is the standard mode you can hop in and play. Six Difficulty Levels: The two lowest difficulties have slower bullets that fire less frequent. The lowest difficulty "power trip" has 33% less enemies. The highest two difficulties have 33% more enemies. The highest difficulty has enemies that regenerate health and the highest three difficulties give enemies more health. Differing enemy positions: 99% of the enemies outside of the first level are at random coordinates. 30+ weapons in addition to 20 unique default weapons for each playable vessel. Flame throwers catch things on fire, boomerang beam comes back to you, spread shot is a wide beam and so much more. Random weapon generator will make a unique weapon when you get it. The + power up adds an extra beam to your gun, up to seven. The catch is that it fires a tad bit slower. The - will remove a beam down to one beam, but your weapon now does more damage. If you stop shooting for five seconds, your gun charges to a giga shot. Use the shot and it does a lot more damage than just shooting for 5 seconds. Most vessels have a dash, while others have an anti dash to slow your vessel for tight spaces. You can hold the special ability button to unleash a super special. When you start or respawn, you have two options with you that fire a wide array of weapons. Around 20 unique playable vessels are here for you to unlock and enjoy. They each have their own default weapon, own special from around 8, and own unique giga shot. Some vessels replace their dash with a powerful secondary weapon that can burn out if you never cool them down. Giant bosses have seven patterns at least. The top two difficulties fight endurance versions of the bosses that mainly give the bosses four times the health and a huge score to compensate. The specials destroy enemies, wipe away bullets, but some of them are different. One special summons healers to help and fight for you. There are still typical bombs, giant clusters of homing torpedo, and some even fire a dragon as a special. You will get a score when you have a game over or complete a level. Language support via .txt files. Anyone can edit them to make their own language file that is s electable in the settings. If there's a language or if you want to make your own "harsh language" script, go for it. Boss Rush is in so many games, so its in this one. It gets better, because there's a setting to turn off bosses in game or make it only bosses in game. A heap of settings - music and volume, screen brightness, background brightness, three color different color modes, remove the HUD, view the debug, turn off particles, view incoming enemy warnings. For slower computers there are medium and low quality modes. Take on the pacifist challenge where you dodge bullets. To score points you let a bullet graze your vessel.
Limited Version D18 65MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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