Zeos Fighters Astound Software 2000

The year is 2040. The U.S. government in alliance with Russia II has developed a Top-secret microchip and jet propulsion combination known as the Zeos engine. During the final testing stages, the engine and all technical plans were stolen with force by the evil scientist Dr. Terror. By order of the New U.N., your mission is to recover all stolen technology before Dr. Terror takes over the world. It's a fast-paced 3D top-down and third-person scroller using OpenGL. You can use three weapons (dropping , first , second). Later versions increased the kind of fighters and weapons plus weather effects are added. In addition, it supported 2 graphics environments (OPEN GL, DirectX 7).
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Final Edition with Patch Integrated *NOTE: Goto C:\Windows and delete all instances of IsUninst.exe there, otherwise InstallShield will keep popping up error 432. ~9.25MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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