Gongbat Moonvalk Studios 2015

Take down colossal bosses, tear apart the world around you, and summon the powers of sound. The Gongbat is an ancient creature that conceals the ability to pull energy from sound around it. Better yet, when in the presence of ringing prehistoric gongs it changes its form completely, gaining strange new abilities. Legend says it's the most powerful creature in existance. But when a crazed scientist named Flinto Hark comes looking for a power source, we may find our nocturnal hero in some trouble. Will our legend die? Or can you help stop Hark and his goons, and all of the biological abominations along the way? Features: Explosive gameplay; A gripping story mode with 5 different areas; Classic bit-style graphics and music; 13 crazy boss fights; Arcade mode and online highscores; Over 30 trophies and achievements; A huge array of enemies; 12-song soundtrack bursting with flare; Gamepad support.
Free Game 47MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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