Onset Blue Mountains 2019

Early Access Release This is a scripting sandbox game made from the ground up for multiplayer. Create and host your very own experience using Lua scripting functions. Or just enjoy the different game modes created by other players. Features: Over 400 Lua functions to customize the world; Spawn cars, helicopters, NPCs, objects and more with Lua functions; 300 player dedicated multiplayer servers. You can host your own server with your scripts; Various types of vehicles with damage model; Weapon modding including configuration like damage; UI customization with HTML/CSS/JS; High quality in-game VoIP solution. By default the map in Onset is completely empty. The developer wiki holds a list of all Lua functions including descriptions on how to use them. With those functions you can write your own game mode scripts that either run on the server or game client. This way you have endless possibilities to realize your idea in Onset.
Download: None currently available

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