Tanks' Destroyer Gamos Ltd. 1993

This simulates a unit of legendary 45-mm anti-tank gun M-42 used by Soviet forces in World War II. During a campaign, the player should repel attacks of Nazi tanks such as Tiger, Panther, and suppress enemy firing points. Under the player's command, the gun can fire at selected enemy targets and change its position. The enemies are retaliating, causing damage to gun's personnel (pointer, loader, driver) and equipment (gun itself). Critical state of the gun is shown by cracks in the sight optics. Recharging takes time, especially if the loader is injured. On the screen the player can observe a three-dimensional panorama of the battlefield (terrain, enemy tanks and firing points, results of shooting) in observation / aiming modes or reconnaissance data on a flat map (terrain, own dislocation, location of enemy facilities). Points are awarded for wrecked tanks and firing points. Top scores are stored in the record table. When all the enemy objects are destroyed, the player occupies the zone and moves to the next level. The main goal is to capture the bridge. But much more often the game overs with the heroic death of the unit.
Full Demo 177kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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